Match News July 28/2016

We apologize for the lack of action on the webpage in the last few weeks.  So we have some news to cheer you up!

WRAS is happy to announce out first 3 gun match of 2016 to be held at Bonnyville Shooting Sports Association range on August 13.

Range Coordinates:  54Deg 11' 54.78" N  /  110Deg 46' 48.83" W

Spots are limited.

To sign up, fill out our match registration  form and send it to 

What is Action Shooting?

Action Shooting, or Multi Gun, is the largest growing shooting sport on the face of the planet! It involves use of a pistol, shotgun, and rifle used to engage multiple targets on a course of fire.  Competitors are timed and scored on accuracy. Here is an example of what you can expect at our club.