Wild Rose Action Shooters

Precision Rifle Season 2023


The Wild Rose Action Shooters, WRAS, is a precision rifle club with a desire to grow the practical rifle shooting sport(s) in a friendly competitive atmosphere. We are considered an outlaw club, meaning we aren’t affiliated with the National Rifle League (NRL) or Precision Rifle Series (PRS) but do follow their rules and stage designs pretty closely, so we ask that shooters familiarize themselves with the PRS rule book.

WRAS matches are typically 8-10 stages where we shoot various sizes and shapes of steel targets from different props like barricades, ladders, barrels, etc out to a max 800 meters. Shooters will need 100 rounds to complete the course of fire but should bring 120 to 150 rounds in case of reshoots.

Shooters need to have a good zero on their rifle and a scope with ballistic drop reticle and/or adjustable turrets to compensate for bullet drop at range and the rifle should have a detachable magazine as 8-12 rounds are typically used for each stage. Ballistic data or DOPE, for your rifle/cartridge should be known to 900m prior to match. As well, eye and ear protection is mandatory for shooters at WRAS matches.

Various support bags, tripods etc are used by shooters in these types of matches, the clubs regular shooters pretty much have it all and are more than willing to share so don’t let a lack of these things hold you back from attending.